Safety & Quality

TIJ prides itself on operational excellence, which can be directly attributed to our highly competent and diverse workforce. Our successful leadership team is supported by regionally-based professionals.
We work hard to ensure we recruit the right person for the job, and through our individual performance management processes evaluate and develop the capability and competence of our people. 

Our goal is to protect our employees, the public and the environment where they live and work: this is our commitment to our customers, our employees and all other commercial partners. We:

  • Make a point of following all the operations on site without any incident or damage to people, equipment and environment.

  • Respect all applicable laws and industry regulations

  • Continually evaluate the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of our staff, our equipment and the work environment in line with UAE policies and regulations. 

We are confident that this philosophy allows us to continue to operate by reducing risk and resulting in value added to our services for us and our clients. Conforming with these policies are the responsibility of every employee and will be reviewed regularly.At TIJ, our client-responsive approach and adherence to core company values are central to our professional philosophy. The foundation of our success is the expertise we demonstrate in order to meet our clients needs. We carefully select a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience and distinguished qualifications, we commit to give priority to our clients satisfaction, taking into consideration time and financial constraints. 

TIJ management & staff undertake to: 

  • Ensure consistency of products and services 

  • Assure and deliver work of the highest standard products on time high quality

  • Strive to achieve client satisfaction by delivering

  • Perform as per our obligations 

  • Provide appropriate tools, equipment, operational processes and safe systems of work, covering all our activities

  • Provide support reasonably required to insure success 

  • Establish constructive and responsive relationships with all our customers, suppliers and contractors in order to enhance their performance. Only through a meaningful and cooperative effort, can the best possible QMS records be achieved 

  • Implement and maintain quality management system requirements and use the management systems to continually improve our service and deliverables